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The Medical School
for International Health

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Application Link and Submission Dates

We are currently accepting applications for the class entering in 2017 until the end of June 2017;  download the application: MSIH application 2017 FINAL.docxMSIH application for the class entering in 2017.

We began accepting applications for the class entering in 2017 on July 1. While there is no deadline, we encourage applicants to submit their application and all relevant materials early. Priority scholarship consideration for the class entering in 2017 is given to applications received before February 1, 2018.

Want to hear more about the admissions process? Listen to a recent webinar​.

Application requirements

Applicants must complete a four year (or three year) undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. All academic transcripts from education after high school must be submitted.

Required coursework: one year each of biology, physics (or one semester of physics and one semester of math, preferably calculus or statistics), two years of chemistry (with labs) with one year being either organic chemistry or biochemistry. In some circumstances exceptions to requirements may be made at the discretion of the admissions committee, based on review of the academic record, work experience, and MCAT/GAMSAT score.

Students must submit either MCAT or GAMSAT scores. MCAT scores must be from the past three years and be accompanied byan AAMC ID number.  We will accept an MCAT score that is up to three years old at the time of submission of the application. GAMSAT scores can be no older than two years old at the time of submission of the application.


Applicants who are residents of countries where the MCATor GAMSAT are not offered may submit equivalent alternatives (like the UKCAT or the GRE with one subject exam in biology, chemistry, or physics) as approved by the school.  

Individuals with degrees from universities where the language of instruction is not English must submit results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), taken within one year of the application date.

Applicants must hold a valid passport from a country that has diplomatic relations with Israel.

Please note: Travel to Israel and the ability to remain for the full four years of study is only possible for students with passports from countries that have diplomatic relations with Israel. For a list of countries that currently have diplomatic relations, please contact the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  

Click here for the Israel Embassy and Consulate directory.

Israeli nationals who have completed both high school and college in Israel must apply to the Israeli school of the Joyce and Irving Goldman Medical School at BGU and follow the regulations of the Israeli Council for Higher Education.

Transfer Students

​MSIH does not accept transfer credits. Due to the unique curriculum, all applicants must enter MSIH as a first year student.

Application checklist:

Items 1-4 may be sent via email by the applicant to

1. Email the completed application form, with file named “first and last name APPLICATION”

         *Please be sure to calculate your GPA and Science GPA on enter it on page two

2. Email a complete CV, with file named “first and last name CV”

3. Email a .jpeg photo, with file named “first and last name PHOTO”

4. Email all three required essays, with file named “first and last name ESSAYS”

Items 5-6 are to be submitted independently by the letter writer or an authorized school official via third party entities like Interfolio or emailed directly on official letterhead to

5. Submit official academic transcripts from all education after high school

6. Submit a minimum of 3 letters of recommendation or committee letter

Alternatively, documents can be sent to:

Medical School for International Health

601 West 168th Street, Suite 63

New York, NY  10032

We do not accept the AMCAS application. Click here to download the application for 2017: MSIH application for class entering in 2017.


An application fee of $95 USD is required for an application to be considered complete. Please submit payment by calling (212) 995-1231 during normal business hours with your credit card information.

After acceptance to the Medical School for International Health, students may participate in conference calls so they (and family members) can speak with enrolled students and staff. 

 For questions about your application status please call 212-995-1231 or email

Admissions Process

Applicants will be notified by email upon receipt of the completed application, fee, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and test scores. 

If notification of a completed application is not received within sixty days of the preliminary processing, applicants should can contact the Admissions Office in New York at 

The Admissions Committee will only evaluate completed applications; i.e. those that include the application, fee, recommendation letters, MCAT and TOEFL scores (or alternative equivalents), and transcripts.

Consistent with our policy with respect to student privacy, the Admissions Office does not release admissions information to anyone other than the applicant, unless the student has consented to release this information to pre-health advisors on his/her application.

The Admissions Committee invites applicants it is seriously considering for acceptance for a series of personal interviews. Applicants are interviewed in the MSIH's admissions office in New York. The Admissions Committee may also arrange interviews in Israel at Ben-Gurion University for applicants who are traveling to Israel or reside abroad.

Applicants are notified of admissions decisions throughout the year. Admission may not be deferred for ANY reason. Students who are unable to join the entering class to which they have been admitted may re-apply the following year and will be evaluated with that year’s applicant pool. Applicants who are not accepted or who withdraw acceptance may re-apply for admission ONLY ONCE.

Accepted applicants must send a non-refundable deposit of $300 USD by check or international wire transfer to confirm their intention to enroll. 

Accepted Students

Accepted applicants to the Medical School for International Health must submit passport information and personal data in order to receive appropriate documentation to obtain a student visa, which is granted by the Israeli Ministry of the Interior, and required for the duration of study in Israel.  

Click here for the Israel Embassy and Consu​late Director​y.

The Medical School for International Health does not grant deferments to students who are unable to obtain the necessary documents to enter or study in Israel, nor can it reverse decisions taken by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Intensive Hebrew Instruction before the required Orientation is highly recommended. Please note: the required Summer Orientation begins July 27, 2016.  Students who are interested in such programs should ask the MSIH's admissions office in New York for information on language programs when confirming their acceptance.

Tuition and Cost of Attendance for 2015-2016 academic year

​​Tuition is paid in July and December and is payable in U.S. dollars to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev by check or wire transfer to the university’s account in New York. Upon acceptance, a $300 deposit is required to confirm one’s decision to enroll. A general outline of annual costs is provided in the table below.

Estimated First-Year Medical Student Cost of Attendance 2015-16

Health Insurance Fees (1)
International travel
Miscellaneous expenses
Local travel
Housing (2)
Building maintenance fees
Groceries/meals (3)
Estimated annual cost of attendance
(all costs are subject to change)

(1) Rates are higher for students 29 and older. All students must carry full comprehensive health insurance and personal accident insurance in terms specified by Ben-Gurion University while they are enrolled in the Medical School for International Health. Before enrolling, students are required to present proof of enrollment in a health insurance policy approved by BGU that includes hospitalization, health and accident coverage, coverage of one’s pre-existing conditions, if any, and repatriation. Students lacking proof of coverage will not be permitted to register or attend classes.

It is not the responsibility of the MSIH, nor is it the responsibility of Ben-Gurion University, to provide health insurance policy coverage, funding for health expenses, or to secure health insurance coverage for students who are unable to secure health insurance due to pre-existing conditions or who are dropped by their insurance carriers after enrollment.

The policy used by most MSIH students is administered by Harel Insurance Company and is annually renewable for the duration of medical studies. Spouses and children of enrolled students may also apply for health insurance coverage provided by Harel. Other University-approved insurance companies are also acceptable.

Proof of health insurance coverage must be received at least ten days prior to departure to Israel. Proof of health insurance coverage is a valid insurance card from an existing policy that shows the student’s name, policy number, dates of coverage, and carrier name, or a completed enrollment form for a University-approved carrier and a copy of the check for the policy premium dated ten days prior to departure for Israel.

(2) Estimated housing expenses are based on average costs for two students sharing a two-bedroom apartment. Students who live alone, or those with families, should expect higher average monthly housing expenses.

(3) All amounts vary depending on individual lifestyles. Students with special dietary needs and those who plan to dine out frequently should budget additional funds.​

For an example of how expenses may vary through each year of medical school, please visit Cost of Attendace 2015-16​.


Scholarships for the entering class of 2017:

MSIH offers a limited number of scholarships for partial tuition. For consideration, applicants must submit a completed MSIH application for class entering in 2017. (with transcripts, MCAT scores, and letters of recommendation) to the NY Admissions Office by February 1st, 2017.

For information regarding outside scholarships and past recipients, please visit Scholarships​.