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Caroline House, 3rd Floor

Faculty of Health Sciences

Ben Gurion University of the Negev

P.O. Box 653

Beer Sheva, ISRAEL 84105


Personnel - Israel


A. Mark Clarfield, MD, FRCPC
Tel: +972-8-647-9912 

Leaura Navi
Administrative Director

Tel: +972-8-647-9909​

Alan Jotkowitz, MD
Associate Director for Academic Affairs
Tel: +972-8-647-9907

Asher Moser, MD
Associate Director for Student Affairs
Tel: +972-8-647-9861​

Lone Avnon, MD
First Year Academic Coordinator
Tel: +972-8-640-3024

Tzvi Dwolatzky, MD
Associate Director for Global Health
Tel: +972-8-647-9913​

Amir Ganiel, MD
Third Year Academic Coordinator
Tel: +972-8-640-3217                                       

Lisa Saidel-Odes, MD
Second Year Academic Coordinator
Tel: +972-8-640-3217

Shimon Glick, MD                                               
Co-Chair Admissions Committee
& Elective Coordinator
Tel: +972-8-647-7407

Michael Bayme, MD
Fourth Year Academic Coordinator
Tel: 08-6400953
Itzhak Lander, PhD
Student Counselor
Tel: +972-8-647-9864

 Anat Zer

School Assistant
Tel: +972-8-647-9909​

Limor Azoulay-Gowans
Assistant to the Director
Tel: +972-8-647-9912

Ilana Shub
Assistant for Examinations
Tel: +972-8-647-7733                          

Lynne Conroy
Financial Aid Administrator
Tel: +972-8-647-9864​

Sharon Dagan
Timetable Coordinator
Tel: +972-8-647-9905

Gaby Koren
Assistant for Student Affairs
Tel: +972-8-647-9852​

David Arnstein
Secretary for Examinations
4th Year Electives Assistant
Tel: +972-8-647-7735

Marissa Simpson

Student Affairs Coordinator
Tel: +972-8-642-8420

Diana Marcus
Financial Aid Assistant

Ravit Ram
GHM Assistant
Tel: +972-8-647-9913​

Amanda Yiftachel
English Editor
Tel: +972-8-647-9910



MSIH-BGU Student Liaisons:

Hadar Tamir

Tel: +972-50-9189899


Noa Gohar
Tel: +972-50-990-9078


New York
Postal Address:
Medical School for International Health

Columbia University Medical Center,

630 W. 168th St., PH 15E-1512, New York, NY.

  • Richard Deckelbaum, MD, FRCPC, Director of the MSIH in NY has overall responsibility for all aspects of the School at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) and represents CUMC to BGU.

The Directors, Administrative Directors and Associate Director for Academic Affairs work closely with staff, and together are responsible for successful school operation from admissions through graduation.



Richard Deckelbaum, MD

Sarah Sternglass
Administrative Director

Alice Mahoney
Admissions Coordinator

Denise Metoyer
Administrative Assistant

Lynne Quittell, MD
Head of Admissions Committee

 Kelly A. Coleman

 Recruitment Coordinator