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 Being Cyber Safe

We have become a digital society, increasingly vulnerable to external threats. Our ever more complicated online systems require ever more sophisticated methods of protection to prevent terror, cybercrime and identity theft. Control systems, online banking, networks, databases, and even personal appliances and electronic devices are all susceptible to attack.

As hackers become more sophisticated, the previous methods of antivirus protection no longer suffice. Moreover, each new platform development demands its own dedicated defenses.

This is a battle of wits fought with lines of code in an ever-expanding cyberspace. Despite its virtual nature, the threat to physical systems remains very real. Unless they are properly protected, basic life-sustaining infrastructures, such as electricity, water and transportation – are susceptible to devastating attacks.

Israel leads the world in the development of online security systems and know-how.

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) is at the forefront of this battle, bringing together academic expertise, professional experience and the enthusiasm, drive and passion of our researchers and students to create an environment that encourages innovation while developing real solutions.