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Each gift to BGU is a far reaching investment that supports students, facilitates scientific discovery and research, and contributes to development of the Negev.  Every donation holds the potential for significant impact - within the Negev, in the State of Israel, or around the world, now and in the future.   

BGU has many compelling strategic priorities that merit support.  Whether you encourage BGU to use your gift where it is most needed or designate your gift to a specific area of interest, your support is gratefully appreciated.  Annual donations, endowment support, and planned gifts are all welcome, and contributions may be directed to fellowships and scholarships, academic chairs, capital projects, and many other areas.

Ways to Give

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Annual Gifts

A broad base of annual support is a critical component of both BGU’s day-to-day operation and its  long-range planning.  Current sources of income enable BGU to serve its students, support its faculty, promote research, and fulfill its mission.  We encourage you to join our community of donors that extends around the world.  If you haven’t yet made an annual contribution, please consider doing so at this time. 

Endowment Funds

​Ensuring continuous support of the University in the future, endowment gifts provide a vital base of support and long-term security for BGU.  Such gifts enable BGU donors to have a lasting role in the University’s development.  Individuals may establish new endowment funds at BGU or contribute to existing endowment funds that support areas such as scholarships and fellowships, building and equipment maintenance, and a variety of University programs.   

Planned Giving

​Planned gifts are an important vehicle of support for BGU.  Individuals of all income levels can participate in this avenue of funding, and BGU’s Living Legacy Society was established to recognize those that make the University a part of their legacy through planned giving.  Please consider including BGU in your long-term philanthropic plans.


​Fellowships support graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, the core resource of any research institution. The pool of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows is limited, and BGU faces intense competition with other academic institutions for the best and the brightest.  Merit-based fellowships are a crucial tool in attracting top graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to BGU . 


​BGU undergraduate scholarships are need-based, and a large number of BGU’s students are from low socio-economic brackets.  Many come from the Negev and are residents of development towns.  These students are often the first in their families to attend university. Undergraduate scholarships make the dream of higher education a reality for those who might otherwise be deprived of this life-changing opportunity.

Academic Chairs

​Among the most prestigious honors at BGU is the bestowal of a Professorial Chair.  A Professorial Chair distinguishes its recipient as an esteemed scholar who has made outstanding contributions in their field of study.  For a young faculty member at BGU the most prestigious honor is the bestowal of a Career Development Chair.  A Career Development Chair distinguishes its recipient as an esteemed young scholar who has made outstanding contributions in their field of study.  The establishment and funding of an academic chair is also a great tribute to its patron, an individual who recognizes the value and importance of academic achievement.

click here to view the list of academic chairs

Capital Projects

​The development of the Marcus Family Campus continues with a flurry of activity. 

Construction of the National Institute for Biotechnology in the Negev building, a new building to house the Avram and Stella Goldstein-Goren Department of Biotechnology Engineering,  and the Ruth and Heinz-Horst Deichmann Classroom and Computer Lab Building is in full swing. 

In addition, construction of the American Associates Village at Sede Boqer is underway.  This desperately needed project will vastly improve and increase student housing at the Sede Boqer campus. 

Future high priority projects include a new building for the Chemistry Department

In the midst of ongoing development of the Marcus Family Campus, BGU is also planning for the Northern Campus Expansion Project.  This ambitious undertaking will transform 57 acres of Negev soil adjacent to the Marcus Family Campus into fertile ground for academic scholarship, innovative research, and an engaging campus experience. 

A major step in this direction recently took place as BGU and the Israel Lands Administration signed an agreement to build an 1,000 bed dormitory on BGU's new Northern Campus.  The Northern Campus will double the University's area!  click here for more information 

Exciting opportunities for investment in capital projects await the donor.  Please contact the associate organization in your region to learn more about these projects. 

To make a donation or receive further information about any of the University’s activities, please contact the associate office in your proximity.