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The generosity of our donors has contributed to BGU’s exceptional growth in the years since its founding.  This support has propelled the University forward, in both direction and pace, in ways that would otherwise not have been possible.

We are proud to acknowledge the support of each donor in our circle of giving.  Donor recognition comes in many forms, including commemorative plaques, dedication ceremonies, photo albums, acknowledgment letters, annual reports, linking the donor's name to presentations and publications emanating from sponsored programs, and tribute walls. 

It is a privilege to honor the donors who lead the way, providing outstanding levels of support to the University.  BGU has established giving societies to recognize this distinguished group of donors.  Tribute walls with individual name-by-name inscriptions are prominently displayed on the Marcus Family Campus.

These recognition walls give BGU the opportunity to honor our donors and enable our donors to serve as an inspiration to others. 

Donor Recognition

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Giving Societies & Donor Walls

​Membership in BGU’s Giving Societies demonstrates significant commitment to the University.  In addition to inclusion on tribute walls on campus, new members are listed in BGU’s annual President’s Report.  Dedication ceremonies presenting new members take place at the Board of Governors meeting  each Spring.  In addition, all donations of at least $250,000 towards named physical facilities, academic units, or endowments will also be noted in perpetuity in the annual President's Report.

Various donor walls are located at different sites on the Marcus Family Campus and multiple listings result as cumulative totals grow:

President’s Pillars:

A distinctive new standard of donor recognition has been created.  The President's Pillars were established to honor BGU’s most generous supporters and acknowledge the commitment and leadership of our major donors, those supporting BGU at the level of $5,000,000 or more. The recognition site for the President’s Pillars is at the heart of the Marcus Family Campus, where donors’ names are displayed on the stone pillars that traverse the Kreitman Plaza.

President's Pillars.jpg

The Ben-Gurion Society
Members of the prestigious Ben-Gurion Society have given munificently to the University with gifts of $1,000,000 and above.  The Ben-Gurion Society wall is centrally located on the Marcus Family Campus. 
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The Negev Society
Members of the Negev Society have demonstrated strong support of BGU with gifts in one of three designated levels.  The Negev Society wall is located across from the Ben-Gurion Society wall on the Marcus Family Campus.
• the Tamar level for gifts of $500,000 and above
• the Arava level for gifts of $250,000 and above
• the Eshkol level for gifts of $100,000 and above
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Founders have generously contributed $50,000 or more to BGU, and members of this group are listed on the Founders Wall.  This impressive recognition wall wends its way through the Marcus Family Campus, chronicling our donors’ history of giving from the University’s inception.   
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The Living Legacy Society
The Living Legacy Society provides an opportunity to make BGU a part of one’s legacy through planned giving.  The names of members of the Living Legacy Society are inscribed on a wall in the beautiful Living Legacy Garden on the Marcus Family Campus.



Dedication Ceremony

​The University will hold a special ceremony for major donations of $250,000 or more; it may be possible to hold the ceremony during the University's annual Board of Governors Meeting which occurs each spring.

Physical Facility

​For the specific case of a physical entity, the chosen area (e.g., lab, classroom, auditorium, equipment etc.), can be named as per the donor's wishes - in his or her own name, or in memory of a loved one.
A commemorative plaque will be featured in a prominent location near the entrance of the named site, becoming a permanent fixture and mark of recognition.  All plaques are stylized to be aesthetically fitting for the building they are placed in.  The size and material of the plaque are as per BGU standard practice, while the size of the lettering depends on the amount of text chosen by the donor.

Size and Material of Plaque:
• $40,000   -  $100,000:  standard plaque of  metal, sized  20  x 30 cm
• $100,000 -  $500,000:  standard plaque of  glass, sized   33 x 33 cm
• $500,000 -   greater:      no standard - customized to specific case

Naming Academic School, Department or Program

​With the increasing size of the student body and the addition of new programs and study tracks, the needs of the departments are growing. Many departments and schools are still available for naming. When you name an Academic School, Department, or University Program you are paving the way for the future advances in your particular field of interest.

Your name will appear on all academic papers, literature, presentations, and publications associated with the school, department, or program. The naming bestows prestige on the unit and establishes the foundation of permanence for the particular field of study at BGU.

A special ceremony to name the unit will be held at the BGU Annual Board of Governors Meeting in the presence of the donors, invited guests, and senior University personnel. 

Finally, all named faculties, schools, departments, and programs are noted in the annual President's Report in perpetuity.

click here to see the list of Named Academic Units

Scholarships & Fellowships

​Scholarships and fellowships allow donors to support both the University on an institutional level and support worthy students on an individual level.  Accordingly, the donor will receive acknowledgement letters and summary progress reports on an annual basis from the Dean of Students.  Where appropriate, individual students send personal thank-you notes and explain the importance of the financial aid which they have received.

In the case of an endowed scholarship or fellowship fund, the fund will be named as per the donor's wishes - in his or her own name, or in memory of a loved one.  The donor's chosen name will be highlighted whenever appropriate (e.g. promotional material, University presentations, etc.).

Naming a Chair

​The Chair may be named in honor of the donor or in memory of a loved one.  The chosen name will be inscribed on a special commemorative plaque, prominently displayed on a donor wall established especially for this purpose.  The donor wall for named Chairs is located in the prestigious Samuel and Milada Ayrton University Center.

A special ceremony to dedicate the establishment of the Chair and to bestow the title upon the first incumbent will be held at the BGU Annual Board of Governors Meeting in the presence of the donors, invited guests, and senior University personnel. 

Finally, all named chairs are noted in the annual President's Report in perpetuity. 

click here to view the list of Academic Chairs

Professorial Chair

​Among the most prestigious honors at BGU is the bestowal of a Professorial Chair.  This honor distinguishes the most esteemed BGU scholars who have made outstanding contributions in their fields of study. A Professorial Chair is also a tribute to its patron, an individual who recognizes the value of academic achievement.

The patron shares responsibility for the Chair incumbent’s intellectual pursuits and accomplishments. The name of the Chair's patron appears on all academic papers written by the incumbent, and on all literature, presentations, and publications that emanate from the professor’s research and study. The establishment of a Chair bestows prestige on the individual Chair holders throughout the years in perpetuity and establishes a foundation of permanence for a particular field of study for the host department and BGU.

Career Development Chair

​A Career Development Chair is designated for outstanding young faculty members in the early years of their careers. To retain our outstanding young scientists who seek tenure-track positions at Israeli universities, BGU must be able to offer recognition and support for their superior work.  Researchers must be convinced that BGU can provide a research environment designed to help them excel.

Bestowing a career development chair demonstrates a donor's support of BGU's effort to encourage excellence among its outstanding young scholars. It is also a tribute to the Chair’s patron, who recognizes the value of honoring and encouraging promising young scholars on the tenure track. The name of the Chair's patron appears on all academic papers written by the incumbent and on all literature, presentations, and publications that originate from the incumbent’s research and study.

A Career Development Chair bestows academic credibility on its holder while acknowledging the patron’s depth of understanding and commitment to the advancement of scholarly work.  The establishment of a Career Development Chair is a means for providing the University with the resources needed to facilitate teaching and research. The Chair holder receives an annual stipend to support his or her research activities.

Each and Every Gift

​At Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, each and every gift is well received and deeply appreciated.  Each donor partners with BGU as we ensure that the pioneering spirit of David Ben-Gurion lives on in the University that bears his name, seeking to advance his vision and realize the potential of Israel and the Negev.

In all cases, each donation is treated as a special and valued gift and donor recognition is always of a fitting and agreed upon manner.

To make a donation or receive further information about any of the University’s activities, please contact the associate office in your proximity.