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אוניברסיטת בן-גוריון בנגב
המחלקה לקשרי תורמים ושוחרים

​ Welcome from Our President

Challenged with a unique and ambitious founding mandate to bring development to Israel’s southern region, BGU has been driven from the start by the Zionism and passion of David Ben-Gurion to make the desert bloom for the benefit of all of Israel. 
This legacy guides the University to this day and is reflected throughout the University’s endeavors, including research driven by the issues facing our region, the community involvement by our students, and the University-sponsored programs that serve the community. 

 Why Give

Each and every donor to BGU has their own unique motivation to support the University.  Whatever the impetus, our supporters can be confident that their donation will further David Ben-Gurion’s vision to make the desert bloom by strengthening research at BGU and contributing to the education and development of our students – the young adults that will shape Israel’s future as its next generation of leaders, parents, and citizens.  read more