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The Zalman
Aranne Central Library

Instructions for the Use of Rare Books from the Library’s Collection

  •  Rare books can be viewed Sundays through Thursdays from 8:30-16:00.
  • Visitors from outside the University need to make arrangements in advance by telephone: 08-6461438 or 08-6461439.
  •  Access to rare books is permitted only if the library does not have another later edition of the book or a digitized version.  Please check for other available editions before submitting a Rare Book Request form.
  •  Click here to access the online Rare Book Request form.
  • Please fill out the entire form, including personal information, details of the requested book, and the day and hour on which you wish to use the material. 
  • Receipt of the book is dependent upon presentation of an identification card (with photograph).  The amount of time allotted for use of the book will be determined by the Humanities Reading Room librarian.
  • Instructions for the use of rare books:
  1. While near the rare book, write only with pencil, not with a pen.
  2. Photographs may be taken with a digital camera only.  The book may not be scanned or photocopied.