Marco and Louise Mitrani Department of Desert Ecology


Ayal, Yoram (Retired)

✔ The structure of desert communities; 
✔ The effect of habitat productivity on community structure and trophic interactions; 
✔ Insect-plant interactions and insect community structure in desert ecosystems; 
✔ Insect parasitoid-host population interactions.


Bar-David, Shirli

✔ Spatial ecology and spatial genetics and their implications for conservation biology and wildlife management;
✔ Specifically, the spatial and genetic structure of populations, factors affecting range expansion, and movement patterns of individuals under different landscape scenarios.


Berger-Tal, Oded

Conservation behavior: I am interested in all aspects of applying animal behavior knowledge and theory to improve conservation and management. Specific topics that are of current interest include the following:
✔ Post-release behavior of reintroduced animals 
✔ Understanding the mechanisms and reversing the effects of wildlife habituation to humans
✔ Understanding the mechanisms and reversing the effects of wildlife habituation to humans
Evolutionary and ecological traps Evolutionary and ecological traps


Amos Bouskila

✔ Behavioral Ecology
✔ Population Ecology
✔ Community Ecology
✔ Modeling and Game Theory
✔ Biodiversity Conservation


Giladi, Itamar

✔ Plant population and community ecology 
✔ Landscape ecology 
✔ Ecology and evolution of seed dispersal 
✔ Spatial ecology and Biodiversity

Hawlena Hadas

✔ The evolution and ecology of symbiotic interactions 
✔ The evolution and ecology of host-parasite interactions 
✔ Microbial ecology 
✔ Disease ecology 
✔ Vector-borne bacteria


Kiflawi Moshe

✔ Marine Ecology
✔ Population Ecology and Genetics
✔ Behavioral Ecology


Kotler, Burt

✔ Community ecology, evolutionary ecology, and behavioral ecology 
✔ Optimal foraging, tradeoffs of food and safety, optimal patch use, the effect of costly information 
✔ Foraging games between predators and their prey 
✔ Consequences of natural selection at the community level: mechanisms of coexistence among desert granivorous birds and mammals 
✔ Applying foraging theory and mechanisms of species coexistence to conservation issues; behavioral indicators in conservation biology


Krasnov, Boris 

✔ Ecology and evolution of host - parasite interactions 
✔ Macroecology 
✔ Biogeography


Lubin, Yael (Prof. Emerita)

✔ Arachnid ecology 
✔ Behavioral ecology 
✔ Life history 
✔ Social evolution 
✔ Dispersal


Novoplansky, Ariel (Program Chairperson, Albert Katz International School for Desert Studies)

✔ Evolutionary ecology of phenotypic plasticity in plants; 
✔ Plant morphogenesis and developmental strategies 
✔ Plant communication and environmental perception 
✔ Plant community ecology


Ovadia Ofer

✔ Evolutionary Ecology
✔ Life History Evolution
✔ Population Ecology and Genetics
✔ Behavioral Ecology


Pinshow, Berry (Prof. Emeritus)

✔ Physiological ecology 
✔ Energy and water exchange between animals and the environment 
✔ Physiology of thermoregulation and osmoregulation in desert animals - especially birds, bats and rodents 
✔ Burrow architecture: How are burrows "designed", through natural selection on their builders to suite the builder's physiological needs, thus becoming become part of the organisms "extended physiology". 


Saltz, David

✔ Wildlife management and conservation biology 
✔ Specifically population dynamics and spatial ecology 
✔ Ungulate ecology 
✔ Ecology of small populations 
✔ Disease dynamics


Shashar Nadav

✔ Marine Ecology
✔ Sensory Ecology
✔ Restoration Ecology


Segoli, Michal

✔ Insects behavioral and evolutionary ecologyInsects behavioral and evolutionary ecology 
✔ Factors limiting the reproductive success of insects in the field 
✔ Parasite-host interactions 
✔ Endosymbiont-host interactionsEndosymbiont-host interactions 
✔ iological control of pests and diseases 


Seifan, Merav

✔ Community ecology 
✔ Plant ecology 
✔ Plant-animal interactions 
✔ Pollination ecology 
✔ Disturbance ecology 
✔ Spatial ecology 
✔ Biodiversity and species richness


Shenbrot, Georgy

✔ Community and population ecology of desert animals (small mammals, lizards) 
✔ Biogeography of arid zones 
✔ Taxonomy of small mammals (Rodentia, Insectivora) and lizarsd (Agamidae) 
✔ Conservation ecology, protection of rare species


Ziv Yaron  (Program Chairperson, Department of Life Sciences(

✔ Macroecology
✔ Spatial Ecology
✔ Landscape Ecology
✔ Community Ecology
✔ Biodiversity Conservation