​ Vice-President and Dean for Research & Development - Prof. Dan Blumberg


Email: vpdrd@bgu.ac.il


Prof. Dan Blumberg Appointed as Vice President and Dean of Research & Development on June 2014. He has served as Deputy VP and Dean of R&D under Prof. Moti Herskowitz since 2010 and before that as the chairperson of the Department of Geography and Environmental Development.
Prof. Blumberg joined the University’s faculty as a young researcher in 1995 after completing his doctorate in planetary geology at Arizona State University. Blumberg leads breakthrough research in the field of remote sensing using satellite and airborne sensors collecting data to investigate planet Earth and other planets. He was also an ongoing researcher on a radar laboratory installed on the space shuttle, and researched the use of radar and hyperspectral imaging for environmental research. 
Prof. Blumberg heads the Homeland Security Institute and serves as the chair of Green Campus, through which true change has been wrought throughout the campus by raising awareness and maximizing environmentally friendly practices.