​ Vice-President for External Affairs - Prof. Steve Rosen


Tel:972-8-6472396; 972-86428325
Email: rosen@bgu.ac.il


Prof. Steve Rosen, Canada Chair in Near Eastern Archaeology, is the Vice-President for External Affairs at BGU and a member of the Department of Bible, Archaeology, and Ancient Near East. 

His research has focused on two main areas, the archaeology of desert nomads and prehistoric stone tools.

He has directed excavations of archaeological sites, most especially in the Negev, from as early as 200,000 years ago through recent times.

His book Lithics after the Stone Age won the 1998 Wright Publication Prize of the American Schools of Oriental Research.

He has written four books and has over 150 professional publications in the leading archaeology journals and anthologies in Israel and the world.

He has presented his work in some 100 professional conferences and symposia in Israel and worldwide.

He served as the co-editor of the Journal of the Israel Prehistoric Society from 1985-1992 and editor from 2005-2012.

He is a member of the Israel Archaeological Council and chaired the subcommittee on archaeological research for the Israel Academy of Sciences.

His most recent research involves the evolution of desert pastoral societies over the long term, using the Negev as a case study.  

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