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Global Health - International summer program


Brighten up your summer and join us for a unique, Global Health program.


The importance of Global Health

Living in a "global village" entails a new definition to health and wellbeing. Not only that natural disasters, epidemic outbreaks, and climate change know no national boundaries and have no citizenship, but it is also that health status, body constitution and quality of life are becoming more and more a global matter. Global health is the study of health in the context of globalization. It emerges as an interdisciplinary field incorporating both theory and social involvement, including disciplines such as medicine, epidemiology, sociology, economics, political sciences, ethics and more. It broadens the traditional medical outlook on health, considering environmental and social determinants as afflicting one's health. It considers the gap between and within countries as underpinning the unequal distribution of resources; it reckons health to be impacted by ecological factors and examines how class, race and gender inequalities affect access to health care services. 


Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Located in Israel, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) is involved in the development of Israel's south periphery, and its health faculty is engaged in researching the impact of geopolitics on pollution, access to health care services, and wellbeing. This enables us to expose participants to the Negev's population, composed of small developing towns, dwellers, farmers, kibbutz members, Bedouin villagers and city residents epitomizes Israeli unique social texture making the Negev and the University an exciting place to live and study global health. 


Program Description

The global health program at BGU provides students with a comprehensive learning experience that combines classes, professional field trips and practicum. We believe a large part of the learning occurs in the field. That's why students will not only hear about global health but they will also visit places and meet people that actually practice or demonstrate aspects of global public health in Israel. Students will also be assigned to an Israeli institution/organization that applies Israeli innovation in global public health for one week and learn about the realities of global health first hand.


The program will be taught in the English language.

Program Structure

·         Global Health Foundation and Innovation- The program is organized as a synergy between BGU and Israeli innovation with study of global health foundation. BGU is in the forefront of research and innovation in this area, leading researches in Health Workforce sustainability, HIV prevention, medical education, conflict zone medicine and more.

·         The Program Entails - 6 credit courses (9 ECTS): Health in the Age of Globalization and Israeli Public Health Innovation for the world, self-study, professional field trips, exercises and small-groups mentoring in the following key areas: public health, globalization, and development. 

·         One Week of Practicum- Students will participate in a one week on-site Practicum. Students will be divided between a verity of clinics and organizations dealing with Migrant Health, Mental and Psychosocial Health and Eco-Health. This will enable students to explore realities of health and society in Israel, and to conduct a personal field study on global health in Israel, which will be presented at the end of the course.

·         World known Professors and lecturers - Prof. Nadav Davidovitch, Prof. Dani Filc, Dr. Inon Schenker, Dr. Nora Gottlieb and Dr. Anat Rosenthal.

·         Touristic tours over the weekend- Students will explore Israel's most popular sites such as Jerusalem, Masada and Tel Aviv

Courses scope:
Health in the Age of Globalization (4 credits, 6 ECTS credits)
·         Global health definition
·         Patterns of Globalization
·         Globalization and Health
·         Health Migration A- The Problem of Refugees
·         Health Migration B- Migrant Workers
·         Health Migration C- Migration and Health Rights: Labor Migrants, Refugees, the State and Non-State Actors
·         Eco- Health – Climate change
·         Health Inequities
·         Autism in the Global Context: Ethical and Risk Communication Challenges
·         The Ethical Limits of Health Promotion 
·         Obesity and Diabetes 
·         Global Bioethics
·         Conclusion- What is Global Health.
Israeli Public Health Innovation for the world (2 credits, 3 ECTS credits)
·         Health and Development: Multilateral Agencies & Private Sector
·         Introducing the Millennium Development Goals
·         Global Health Determinants in India: poverty and Gender
·         Emergency Preparedness and Response: Health beyond Borders
·         China: Regulating Health and Fertility
·         The Big Three: HIV, TB and Malaria – MDG 6
·         South Africa: Health and Human Rights
·         'War on Epidemics'  (WoE)
·         Students completing their third year of bachelor's degree and students for Master's degree, both in the fields of Health sciences, and Social Sciences with interest in public policy and health economy.
·         English proficiency required.
·         All applications will be evaluated by an admissions committee
How to Apply
Please visit our on-line application form at:​
Please prepare the following documents:
·         Up to date transcript
·         Recommendation letter from the head of the department
·         Motivation latter – in which you explain why you want to attend this program in one page maximum
·         CV
·         Passport picture
·         Scanned copy of your passport
Application Schedule
·         Application deadline: Feb 23rd 2017
·         Notification of Acceptance: March 21st 2017
·         Courses dates: July 3rd - July 31th 2017
With Accommodation - $4000
Without Accommodation - $3500
For outstanding Chinese and Indian students – scholarships are available.

For further information, please download our Brochure​