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Dean of
Students Office

Housing in the University Dormitories

The student dormitories include units for singles and married couples.
The criteria in determining eligibility are fixed by a public committee and are based on financial status and academic achievements. Every student studying for a degree or pre-academic preparation course is eligible to apply for a place in the dormitories.

Application forms and the dates to apply can be found on the Dean of Students Office Hebrew website. Applications can be made after confirmation of admission to the University even if tuition payment has not yet been completed.

Confirmation can be received on the Internet via the *information kiosk on the University website. Students whose applications have been rejected can appeal in writing within 21 days from the date of the answer sent by the Dean of Students.

In the dormitories the following services are available: clubhouses, independent-study rooms, minimarket, self-service Laundromats, and computer rooms.

Students employed as counselors help with personal problems and organize cultural events including lectures, parties and group activities.

* For now, the Information Kiosk is in Hebrew only. We are currently working on an English version